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28th March 2010

Lots of new photo's on the page for Lukas' offspring!!

Fantastic news from our Lukas (Gr CH Paddlepaws Code Red) and Vala (CH A Foreign Fling Unavoidable For Eternuty (Imp Gmy) litter -
In NSW Bella (Paddlepaws Simply Divine) wins
2 x Best Minor Puppy in Group

In Tasmania Clancy (Paddlepaws Snowyriver Man) wins
Dog Challenge, Best of Breed,
Best Minor Puppy in Group

Congratulations to Bella and her family,the Forrest Family
and to Sue & Clifford Gray with Clancy.

March 2010

Finally we have a website update!!

We have great news for two Lukas daughters who recently had their hip and elbow tests!!
Riski (CH Seadale Sunset Magic) -  Hips 2:2, Elbows 0:0
Kiowa (Seadale Surprise Packet) - Hips 2:2, Elbows 0:0

February 1st 2010 we had to say goodbye to our big girl, Myra (CH Bouvet Myra)
Myra was 14 years and 3 months old.

We will miss her every day,
Now young again, running and playing with her son Cowan and best friend Greedy.

December 2009 saw one of Lukas' daughters gain her title!!
Congratulations to Bev with "Riski" CH Seadale Sunset Magic
(Gr CH Paddlepaws Code Red x CH Krystalcove Havana Moon)

Another Lukas daughter, Kolbi (Seadale Carribean Sunrise)  (Repeat mating of Riski) is over three quarters of the way to her title at 13 months of age, Kolbi has only been shown for 2 months!!!
Kolbi is pictured below at 12 months of age.

Kolbi's brother Kaelan (Seadale Carribean Pirate) is almost three quarters of the way to his title at 13 months as well.

We have a new addition!!
Late 2009 I flew to Qld to bring back a puppy sired by Cowan (CH Paddlepaws marksman) via frozen semen.
Our new baby is now 8 months old!
We are thrilled to introduce "Judd"

Judd (Black) is pictured abovewith his big buddy Lukas (Brown)

Unfortunately, Judd is recovering from a bad skin infection and had to be shaved to the skin, so he will be out of the ring for some time.

We have had a litter in August 2009
Lukas (Aust Gr CH Paddlepaws Code Red) and Vala (Aust CH A foreign Fling Unavoidable For Eternity (Import Germany)
Produced 6 wonderful babies on the 19th August>
We are extremely proud of these kids!
Owning Bev Chapman (Seadale Newfs)  is "Thrilla" (Paddlepaws Spots Illustrated) A superb Landseer girl

Thrilla has had Multiple Best Baby Puppy in Group wins and at just over 6 months, she has won Best Minor Puppy in Group

Owning Sue Gray (Yesallaw Newfs) is "Clancy" (Paddlepaws Snowyriver Man) a stunning Landseer boy

Clancy has won Best Baby Puppy in SHOW as well as Multiple Best Baby in groups and at 6 months, he won Best Minor Puppy in Group

Owning Julie Adams is "Will" (Paddlepaws The Steersman) a strong, beautiful Black Boy

Will has only been shown 5 times and already has won Best Minor Puppy in Group

Owning the Forrest Family is "Bella" (Paddlepaws Simply Divine) a black girl who is the image of her outstanding mother, Vala

Bella has won Multiple Best Baby Puppy in Group awards

Owning Anne and Kate Hughes is "Darcy" (Paddlepaws Casting Spells) a very outgoing, strong black girl

Darcy is a much loved family pet but will make a show ring appearance at the Newfoundland Club of Victoria Show in June 2010

Lukas is a proud dad to one beautiful Black girl born February 2010
"Vinaka" is the only puppy born to Planhaven Bula ("Bula")
Owned by John and Lynn Milroy of Ourbim Newfoundlands
Vinaka will make her show debut in May 2010

May 2009 Updates

We are thrilled to announce our newest Title Holder -


Lukas gained his title on the 30th May 2009 judged on the day by Breed Specialist Mrs R Nagle (NSW)

Lukas is pictured above with Mrs Nagle

Lukas' newest kids have had a wonderful start to their show careers -
Seadale Carribean Pirate (Kaelan) won BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW at his first show, while sister
Seadale Carribean Sunrise (Kolbi) was place 4th in Baby Puppy Sweepstakes

Riski (Seadale Sunset Magic) is starting to mature and is well on her way to her title now, recently even beating dad, Lukas!

We are very sad to bring the news of the passing of one of the best Newfoundlands we have known.
Albert (BISS Aust CH Paddlepaws Fire Power) passed away after a short illness, surrounded by his loving family

We thank Karen, Paula, Georgie, Dion and Ash Hinton for the love and care they gave Albert through his life. We know he meant the world to you and will be missed.
Albert will live on in his children, grandchildren and in generations to come.

March 2009 Updates

In Early March, Megan and Lukas headed off to Noorat for 5 shows in 3 days with Bev and her Lukas daughter Riski and Cowan daughter Narnia.
We had a fantastic weekend!!  The dogs enjoyed camping and our "ring in" Bernese Mtn Dog Ulla fitted in beautifully with the Newfs.

Show 1 - Lukas Best of Breed, RUNNER UP TO BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP, Open in Group
Ulla - Best of Breed
Show 2 - Lukas Best of Breed
Riski Bitch Challenge & Runner Up Best of Breed
Narnia Reserve Challenge Bitch
Ulla Reserve Challenge Bitch
Show 3 - Lukas Best of Breed, RUNNER UP TO BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP, Open in Group
Narnia Bitch Challenge, Runner Up Best of Breed
Riski Reserve Challenge
Ulla Challenge Bitch, Runner Up Best of Breed
Show 4 - Lukas Best of Breed
Riski Challenge Bitch, Runner Up Best of Breed
Narnia Reserve Challenge
Ulla Challenge Bitch, Runner Up Best of Breed
Show 5 - Lukas Best of Breed,
Riski Challenge Bitch, Runner Up Best of Breed
Ulla Challenge Bitch, Runner Up Best of Breed, BEST JUNIOR IN GROUP

Lukas is getting very close to his Grand Champion Title!!!
He has a lot of fans cheering him on and counting down those last few points with us. We thank you all for your support.

So far, in 2009 (till Mid March) , Lukas has collected over 120 points.

We welcome to the world, Lukas' newest babies......
A repeat mating of the litter that produced Riski, Bev is keeping A gorgeous Brown girl and stunning Black boy.
You can see them on the page for Lukas Kids.

We are finalising arrangements to import semen from some lovely dogs in the USA to be used over our girls in the coming years,
if our timing is right, we will use one dogs semen on Bo in about June.

January 2009 Updates
New Photos have been added to the pages for
Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red)
Vala (CH A Foreign Fling Unavoidable For Eternity (Imp Gmy)
Myra (CH Bouvet Myra)
Spice (CH Newfcastle Sweetn Spicey)
New photo's have been added to the page for Lukas' Kids

Super Congratulations to Carole Wrench and her girl "Taieri" on gaining her title>
Taieri is now to be known as -
CH Kietabear Miracles Gift
Taireri is from Lukas' first litter to CH Riverbear Forest Miracle

October Updates
We've had a great few months of showing!
Lukas recently won Runner Up in Group
Vala is also collecting points very fast!  She has also won another couple of Junior in groups and a Junior in Show.

Lukas is a father again!
Bella (Seadale Mystical Bella) has one beautiful Black girl>
"Kiowa" is spoken for.

Tess has become a mum!
Tess and Alix are proud parents of one Brown boy!
"Dennis" is also spoken for.

Melbourne Royal is over for another year!
Young Riski (Seadale Sunset magic) did very well, being shortlisted into the Final 4 for Best Puppy in group!!
Riski is a brown daughter of Lukas and Havana.

July Updates
We are thrilled to announce that "Vala" has gained her Australian Championship Title!!
At just 14 months of age, and with only 3 months of showing, Vala has made quick work of collecting her points!
CH A Foreign Fling Unavoidable For Eternity (Imp Gmy)

Big Thanks to Andreas and Claudette Piton for sending us Vala, and Thank you to Els Zwaag for all your help in getting Vala to Australia!!

June Updates
The Newfoundland Club of Victoria Championship Show was held on the 7th June
Judged by Mrs T Brown (Canada) we had an excellent day -
"Tess" (BISS Aust CH Paddlepaws Light My Fire) was awarded
Best Australian Bred In Show
Bitch Challenge
"Aslan" (Seadale Legend Of Aslan) won
"Riski" (Seadale Sunset Magic) won
"Lukas" (CH Paddlepaws Code Red) won
"Vala" (A Foreign Fling Unavoidable For Eternity (Imp Gmy) won

Lukas and Vala have had a great few months, picking up Challenges and Best of Breeds, Vala has also collected a few
Class in Group wins.
Vala has been showing for just on two months and is 3/4 of the way to her title!

9th April 2008
We send huge Birthday wishes to Tkoa (CH Bakerland Seadream Tkoa)
who turned 14 years old yesterday!!

Tkoa is pictured above celebrating with her little friend Buddy.
Tkoa is owned and adored by Bev Chapman
Tkoa is sired by our first male Newf - CH Newfangled Greedy Smith (Greedy)

We are proud to introduce "Riski"

Seadale Sunset Magic, 10 weeks of age

Seadale Legend of Aslan, 9 weeks of age
Riski and Aslan are sired by our own Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red) they will
make their show debut later this month, along with their black brother Chachi (photo to come)

30th March 2008
We are thrilled to announce that Tess (Paddlepaws Light My Fire) has certainly been "On Fire"
these last few weeks and can now add Australian Champion to her name!
Tess has picked up a Runner Up in Group,
Multi Class in group,
Multi Best of Breeds

Congratulations and Thank you to Chris and Scott of Jessbear Newfoundlands.
Tess is the 2nd Champion for her mother Spice and
5th Champion for her father Albert.

29th March 2008
Vala continues to impress!!
She colleted another Best Puppy in Group today,
after beating 3 older Newfs for Best of Breed at just 10 months of age!!

25th March 2008
Vala made her show debut on Sunday the 23rd March
Judged by Mr K Kashiwagi from Japan, Vala was awarded -
Bitch Challenge


Vala's second show the following day saw her take the Bitch Challenge again!
Lukas takes Best of Breed on Easter Monday

February 14th 2008
***Vala is here***

Vala arrived happy and healthy and we couldn't be happier with her.
Vala's webpage has been updated with photo's of her first day in Australia.

February 2008
We are thrilled to announce that our import Vala will arrive from Germany (Via Amsterdam) on Wednesday the 13th Feb!

In the showring, Lukas has been doing very well, picking up Best of Breeds and being run for Best in Group.

Bo has had a break from the showring after a massive coat drop, she will hoepfully be back out later in 2008.

December 27th 2007
We hope all of our friends and visitors have had a wonderful Christmas and 2008 brings much joy and happiness.

We have new photo's and a Critique on Vala's web page.

Today we say Happy Birthday to the second Paddlepaws Litter!
Born 27th December 1996

December 18th 2007
We are thrilled to announce an upcoming litter sired by Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red)
out of Havana (CH Krystalcove Havana Moon)
Due mid January, confirmed pregnant.
Expecting Brown pups and Black pups.
E-mail for details
Both parents hip and elbow scored, and Cystinuria Clear.
Both parents are Champions.
This will be a Seadale Litter.

We are proud to Congratulate Lukas' first Champion child!
Kaye Forrester and her Brown girl Zoya (CH Krystalcove Lady in Red)
have done very well in the showring with Best in Group and Runner Up in Group wins to their credit,
as well as Class in  Show awards.
Zoya gained her title with very limited showing.
Congratulations Kaye and Zoya!!
Zoya's mum is the lovely Loren (Aquacanis Freya Starke of Krystalcove (Imp UK)

November 8th 2007
We are devastated to announce that our beautiful boy Cowan (CH Paddlepaws Marksman) went over Rainbow Bridge today.
Cowan was the epitome of the Newfoundland in type and temperament, but most of all, he was a wonderful companion.
The house is very empty without you Cowan.

The photo above was taken of Cowan two days before he left us.

We have new photo's on Cowan's kids page and Lukas' kids page

We are very excited to announce that our import will arrive in Australia late January 2008!!
Check out "Vala's" own web page.

August Updates
We are thrilled to announce that "Bo" gained her title in July.
She is now - CH Newfangled Tickitiboo

Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red) has been doing well in the ring with plenty of Challenge and Best of Breed wins.

Lukas and Cowan (CH Paddlepaws Marksman) kids have been doing well -
Lukas daughter - Nailcote Bronzed Beauty (AI) won best Baby Puppy in Show at the NCV Open Show 07
Cowan son - Seadale Amark Of Luv has collected quite a few Challenges, and Best of Breeds and is almost Titled.
Cowan son - Seadale Mystical Man has had many Best Baby Puppy of Breed wins
Cowan daughter - Seadale Mystical Reef has won Multiple Best Baby Puppy in groups.

25th March 2007
Another brilliant day for Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red)
At Eltham Champ Show judged by Mr P Warby (NSW)
Lukas was awarded Best of Breed (15 points)
and was run in the short list for Best in Group.
18th March 2007
A good days showing for our dogs.
Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red) collected two Best of Breed wins and
Bo (Newfangled Tickitiboo) collected two RUBOB wins.
Bo is now almost to her title, with limited showing, and very out of coat!

12th March 2007
Another brilliant days showing for Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red)
At Warragul Champ Show, Judged By Mr Mushet (Vic) Lukas was awarded
Best of Breed, Dog Challenge,
Best Australian Bred in Group

Lukas lovely daughter Taieri (Kietabear Miracles Guft) returned from a break from showing to collect bitch Challenge!!
Well done Taieri!!

28th February 2007
Another good weekend for our Newfs!
On Saturday at Berwick Aggi Show, Lukas was Best of Breed and Bo was Runner Up.
The following day Lukas was again Best of Breed, and Bo was reserve Bitch Challenge.

3rd February 2007
A wonderful show for Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red) today!!
At the Pet & Animal Expo Champ Show, judged by Mr Redhead (SA)
Lukas was awarded -

With almost 150 dogs in the group, it was a very exciting win!!

26th January 2007
Today at Australia Day International Champ Show, Lukas (CH Paddlepaws Code Red)
did very well, taking out Best of Breed and he was shortlisted
into the final 5 for Best in Group!
The judge was Mr W Thompson from Canada.

24th January 2007

Our Web site has had an overhaul, new pages and photo's have been added so take a look around!