By Emmy Bruno

There in that land where the ocean waves explode upon the reef in a boiling foam this legend was born.
As the story is told, God turned one day to contemplate all of His creations and saw on that Newfoundland Isle,
flailed by storm, a small nation of fisherman, whose rough, weather beaten people fought courageously
against the impervious elements of nature as the freezing cold winters and the unforgiving coastline took its toll,
and the sea often asked its sacrifice of human life.

 Nevertheless, they remained deep rooted, these men of Newfoundland, with a stubbornness as great
as their courage. God saw, and in His infinite compassion, thought how He might alleviate their suffering.
He searched among all the creatures of His creations, but He found none that would serve.  
It was then that He decided to create one anew.

He took the body of the bear, whose bone structure lent well to such arduous labours and whose thick fur
would resist the bitter Newfoundland Isle cold.  The He thought to sweeten this silhouette with the lithe,
flexuous lines and movements of the seal, with all its prowess to swim and speedily slip
between the waves.

Now turning to face the sea, He saw the playful dolphins, happily following the ships.  Their sweet, joy filled
eyes revealing their serene temperament, and more; they so loved man that they often rescued them,
saving them from the sea.  Yes, they too would be part of this new creature.  When He was done moulding
and casting, there suddenly appeared in His creative arms, a superb animal with glistening black fur,
powerful and sweet in the same moment.

This new being, however had to have an allegiance and faithfulness, tried and true, to be able to live beside Man
and be ever ready to offer his life for his Master.  It was at that moment that the Lord opened and placed in
its chest, the heart of a dog, and the miracle was complete!

From that day onward, those men of the sea had beside them their courageous companion,
ever strong, ever faithful,